From Bus 66

She sits with her children,
Her arms circle wide,
One in her lap,
And two by her side

Collected from day care,
The bus takes them home.
After such a long day--
After working all day,
Her children are hers,
Her own.

And the bus gently rocks,
And the sun slowly sets,
On a day filled with longing--
Smiles, regrets.

She pulls each one closer,
And her children draw near.
They long for that song,
They know they will hear.

As her sweet whispered breath,
Gently kisses each ear:

Hush-a-bye babies,
We're almost home.
Know that I'm yours,
No longer alone.

Supper is waiting,
A warm cozy bed,
Goodnight kisses
On the top of your head.

Hush-a-bye babies,
Know that you're mine,
To cradle this hour,
To hold for a time.

She sits with her children,
Her arms circle wide,
They don't seem to mind
The length of the ride.

"Just around the corner,"
She thinks with a sigh.
But for now she's their princess
Riding home in the sky.

--Francine Trester ©2000